The Premise

THE PREMISE Here’s what’s in: a flood of information, shrinking attention spans, constant interruptions and mounting impatience. Here’s what’s out: you, your ideas and your company if you cannot quickly get to the point. When you gain the discipline and decisiveness to be brief, you will make an impact when others get left behind. Learn to master brevity.

The Book

THE BOOK BRIEF is a book that pulls no punches. Being clear and concise is how successful executives operate – it’s what they expect and they are unforgiving when it doesn’t happen. In partnership with Wiley & Sons, Joe McCormack presents a proven approach that has helped entrepreneurs, military leaders and Fortune 500 leaders master the art of brevity.

The Coursework

THE COURSEWORK The BRIEF Lab develops and certifies lean communicators. The experiential curriculum is designed to engage leaders in a series of one-day seminars that shift their thinking about brevity. From Intro to BRIEF – The Art of the Elevator Speech to BRIEF Management, Briefings and BRIEF Media, participants become fluent in the art of being succinct.

Don’t Overexplain

Our brains can process about 750 words per minute. However, the average person speaks only 150 words per minute. So what happens to the extra 600 words of mental capacity? They become all the extra thoughts, observations and voices in your head while someone is talking. Called the “Elusive 600”, they can quickly become the […]

BRIEF Author Joe McCormack Presents on Storytelling at Annual Page Up Conference

Chicago, IL. October 28, 2014 – Joe McCormack,author of Brief: Make A Bigger Impact By Saying Less, today presented on the importance of storytelling to senior executives at the Page Up ‘ABC’s and Big D’ communications conference sponsored by the Arthur W. Page Society. McCormack is co-presenting on a panel called “Back to Basics: How […]