The Premise

THE PREMISE Here’s what’s in: a flood of information, shrinking attention spans, constant interruptions and mounting impatience. Here’s what’s out: you, your ideas and your company if you cannot quickly get to the point. When you gain the discipline and decisiveness to be brief, you will make an impact when others get left behind. Learn to master brevity.

The Book

THE BOOK BRIEF is a book that pulls no punches. Being clear and concise is how successful executives operate – it’s what they expect and they are unforgiving when it doesn’t happen. In partnership with Wiley & Sons, Joe McCormack presents a proven approach that has helped entrepreneurs, military leaders and Fortune 500 leaders master the art of brevity.

The Coursework

THE COURSEWORK The BRIEF Lab develops and certifies lean communicators. The experiential curriculum is designed to engage leaders in a series of one-day seminars that shift their thinking about brevity. From Intro to BRIEF – The Art of the Elevator Speech to BRIEF Management, Briefings and BRIEF Media, participants become fluent in the art of being succinct.

The Neuroscience Behind Inattention

In “The Science and Art of Listening,” published on November 9th in the New York Times, Brown University’s auditory neuroscientist Seth Horowitz discusses the science behind our chronic inability to pay attention. Horowitz explains that there are three types of attention. The most primal form, the startle, is a defensive neuron chain reaction to defend […]

Brief Writing course in development 

Writing is an essential of life. We spend hours reading e-mail, newspapers, online posts, etc. Many people today are getting great at scanning and skipping. They’re making decisions constantly about what writing they want to consume or omit. What makes some writing appealing and others scream, “avoid me, I’m not worth your precious time.” It […]